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Papuan vanilla pods - Vanilles Papoue

Papuan vanilla pods - Vanilles Papoue

These pods are the result of a cross between vanilla planifolia, and odorata. The cross was made by the ancient Maya of Guatemala but its mass cultivation began in French Polynesia, hence the name Tahitensis.  These, however, were cultivated exclusively in the village of Mandi, in Papua=New Guinea. All tahitensis type vanillas are slightly aniseed flavored, which makes them ideal for frozen desserts, but don't limit yourself to that! It is great in carpaccio, poke bowls, etc. Each package contains a 100 grams bunch of 25 to 35 beans, depending on the weight of each bean. The minimum order is 200g, separated in two 100 grams packages under modified atmosphere. When a bag is opened, follow the instructions on the bag carefully. These pods keep very well. You can also request a 50 gram bag at no charge: just leave a note at the time of purchase.


    73,00C$ Regular Price
    56,11C$Sale Price
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