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Vanille cribbiana Che' Sib' Ik (MAYA) du Guatemala

Vanille Cribbiana Che'Sib'Ik (100g)

The Vanilla Orchid cribbiana was the variety widely used by the ancient Mayans of Guatemala. However, with the fall of the ancient civilization came the disappearance of this extraordinary vanilla for over 400 years until a vanilla enthusiast, Ruben Dario Fontana Ramirez, established the world's first Maya Vanilla plantation, using wild varieties growing on his land. After seven years of patient development, Maya Vanilla is now ready to meet the world's best tables in a global premiere.


Appearance and organoleptic properties


Appearance: very short (5 to 10 cm) but packed full of caviar, very fatty and oily. It has three epicarps, making it a triangular-shaped vanilla.

Flavor: Its highly floral bouquet recalls the daylily and has light notes of anise, coffee, and a very powerful note of vanillin.

Aging ability: of all known vanillas, Cribbiana vanilla has the highest storage potential. The pods offered here were prepared on March 11, 2023.  This vanilla never molds.

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