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Totonaco vanilla paste

Totonaco vanilla paste

SKU: 7029

The vanilla paste is made with our extract, sugar, whole vanilla flesh, vanilla seed (caviar), guar gum, xanthan gum, 100% natural vanillin and a dash of extremely powerful extract (20x). It is used as an extract (5 grams per liter of device) and is generally used for recipes that have an issue of liquid (such as ice cream and yogurt) or recipes where you want to see grains of vanilla in suspension such as flans, crème brûlée, etc. These vanilla pods come exclusively from the association of Totonaco vainilleros in Veracruz, Mexico. The Totonacs are people who invented the process of preparing vanilla more than 2000 years ago. Its original and authentic flavor is very empyreumatic with notes of molasses and dark rum. The vanilla paste is available in 1 kilo or 10 kilo formats.

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