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Tahiti vanilla paste (6 X 100ml)

Tahiti vanilla paste (6 X 100ml)

SKU: 10628634186135

The vanilla paste is made with our extract, sugar, whole vanilla flesh, vanilla seed (caviar), guar gum, xanthan gum, 100% natural vanillin and a dash of extremely powerful extract (20x). It is used as an extract (one teaspoon per liter) and is generally used for recipes that have a liquid issue (such as ice cream and yogurt) or recipes where you want to see grains of vanilla in suspension such as homemade ice cream, crème brûlée, etc. It is produced with Tahitensis-type vanilla from the Yismerai Sastradi farm. This vanilla paste is sold by the case of 6 jars of 110ml.

Suggested retail price: $16.99/ea (35% margin)

    C$70.50 Regular Price
    C$66.24Sale Price
    110 Milliliters
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