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Quantitié minimale 200g

Splitted (imperfect) ORGANIC Bourbon vanilla pods

Vanilla is at the peak of its power when it reaches full maturity. However, it is also at this stage that the fruit splits open to drop its seeds. The 'split' pods are the chefs' secret: less visually appealing, but more potent. These pods are perfect for making homemade extract and are preferred by brewers, distillers, and other manufacturers who macerate finely chopped whole pods. They are slightly less expensive and much more intense. This product is part of a new line featuring a comprehensive range of organic items made from certified organic vanilla beans sourced from Madagascar and certified by Ecocert Canada. Each package contains a 100 gram bunch of between 25 and 35 pods, depending on the weight of each of them. The minimum order is 200g, separated into two 100 gram modified atmosphere packs. When a bag is opened, carefully follow the directions on the bag. These pods keep very well. 

These products can also be purchased per kilo

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