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Organic Ugandan vanilla extract

Organic Ugandan vanilla extract

This product is part of a new line that features a comprehensive range of organic items made from certified organic vanilla beans sourced from Uganda and certified by Ecocert Canada. As the majority ethnic group in this country is the Bantu community, we have given it this name in recognition of their excellent work. Bantu vanilla is very interesting for its creamy and sweet notes reminiscent of fresh hay, chamomile, and leather. A delight! The professional extract is available in a 32oz  bottle, a one US Gallon jug and an 2,5 US Gallon jug. The last two containers with spouts are recorded and invoiced separately. Don't forget to order your jug separately. If you have a container to return, please leave a note when ordering so that we can send you a return label.

    C$97.49 Regular Price
    C$85.66Sale Price
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