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Organic Ugandan vanilla bean paste (6 x 118g)

Organic Ugandan vanilla bean paste (6 x 118g)

SKU: 10628634186098

This product is part of a new line that features a comprehensive range of organic items made from certified organic vanilla beans sourced from Uganda and certified by Ecocert Canada.

This vanilla paste is meticulously prepared using our organic vanilla extract, organic sugar, organic vanilla flesh, organic vanilla seeds (caviar), guar gum, and xanthan gum. This paste serves as an extract (0.5% of the preparation) and is commonly used in recipes that require a liquid component, such as ice cream and yogurt, or in recipes where visible vanilla specks in suspension are desired, such as in flans or crème brûlée. This product is sold in cases of 6 jars, each weighing 118g.


    118 Grams
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